Karibu Homes has grown to become a leading developer of housing aimed at the broadest spectrum of society. We are passionate about expanding home ownership as far down the income ladder as is commercially possible. Karibu Homes is recognised as a catalyst in driving the creation of affordable housing – a decent home should not be the preserve of the few, but available to the many.

At Karibu Homes we understand the importance of home. Home means family, neighbourhood, community, safety, relaxation, aspiration, the bedrock on which the future is built. These are all fundamental facets of life and the right home, in the right place can be transformational for individuals, for families, for communities and for society. We spend a lot of time thinking about this, with the goal of providing a physical answer to what home means for us. We hope that our commitment to this goal is evident in the communities we build, but you can be the judge of that.

Our mission is to make home ownership possible for hard working families who desire affordable, safe, quality homes. We seek to create social impact through our innovative application of commercial disciplines and by developing thriving communities as part of our contribution to the wellbeing and prosperity of Kenya. We seek to do all this at prices that offer unmatched value for money in order to extend our offer to as many Kenyans as possible.